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Our Toolkit

We are developing a suite of tools to help us and our customers better understand and assess the viability of hydrogen-powered fuel cell deployments over a wide range of business sizes and types. Built on our proprietary Hydrologiq Engine, they answer key questions surrounding deployment and investment viability, from regulation assessment to service pricing and asset depreciation.

The Hydrologiq Engine

Our toolkit is built on the proprietary Hydrologiq Engine, deep techno-economic modelling, taking in:

Market Data - energy pricing, hydrogen pricing and forecasts, labour rates, current and future diesel costs.

Solution Data - technology types, CAPEX and OPEX costs today and forecasts, performance and degradation.

Operational Parameters - deployment conditions, site requirements, site location.

The Tools

Highly flexible tools with the ability to adjust many input values, constraints and business rules to allow us to rapidly evaluate your exact situation and outline the most appropriate solutions.

Strategy Planner

Decide how and when to develop your hydrogen-powered future.

Strategy Planner allows you to enter your own operating requirements alongside pre-built electricity, hydrogen, and technology cost forecasts, enabling you to compare possible future scenarios.

Useful for: Equipment Renters, Operators, Procurement professionals, Industry-wide Investors.

Business Purpose: Strategy, Scenario Planning

Business Case Builder

Quickly build a case for the HFC generator solution that is right for you.

Business Case Builder takes in market data, solution performance and operational parameters to project ROI, profitability, pricing, cost breakdowns and more.

Useful for: Equipment Renters, Operators, Procurement professionals, Industry-wide Investors.

Business purpose: Strategy, Investment Decisions, Procurement

Deployment Designer

Explore deployment options to meet your power and site operational requirements.

Deployment Designer takes your requirements and suggests options on fuel-cell/battery balance, the associated cost/kWh of delivered electricity, and potential hydrogen consumption, format and delivery scheduling.

Useful for: Equipment Renters, Operators, and End Users of site power

Business Purpose: Procurement, Operations

Regulation Wayfinder

Quickly identify regulations to inform operational and business decision making.

Regulation Wayfinder enables you to easily navigate and return regulations from our database applicable to your use case.

Useful for: Equipment Renters, Operators, End Users, Technology Developers, Researchers, Government Bodies

Business Purpose: Strategy, Operations

Impact Simulator

Evaluate the impact of research projects, guiding business strategy and policy development.

Impact Simulator is a detailed techno-economic model, including cost forecasts, technical performance data, and operational conditions, which can be used to understand a technologies real world impact.

Useful for: Researchers, Academics, Policy Makers, Investors, Consultancies

Business Purpose: Strategy, Research, Technology Development, Impact Assessment.

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