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The Team at Hydrologiq

Who we are today

Hydrologiq was founded in 2020 and is currently a team of five. Aran Bates and Ben Lindley are the founders, two friends supported by expert advisors and a strong investor consortium. We are both dads of kids less than 3 years old. Having both worked on this for two years self-funded (although now venture backed) we believe we are at the start of a huge market shift, but one that won't change with the speed of other tech industries.

Last year we welcomed See Wah Cheng, our Head of Product, and Marius Fermi, communications and BD, and this year Stuart Blackburn as our Technical Operations Manager. Additionally, we are supported by expert advisors and a strong investor consortium. As a team our passion and mission-driven purpose pushes us to be the force of change in this industry.

Not just in environmental sustainability but also in creating a supportive company flexible to the realities of modern life, one with a diverse, equal, and respectful workforce.

The team we are building

The team we want to build is one where we are:

  • Passionate about making a difference. We must believe in what we can achieve, because we are fighting to change a conservative market.
  • Comfortable with risk and ambiguity. We must be flexible as the market is early and developing. You will be shaping a new offering in the hydrogen industry right from the start!
  • Extremely self-motivated with a strong work ethic. We work because we love what we do!
  • Fun! We need to enjoy what we do, while still being proud about the quality of our work.
  • Humble, authentic, and honest. We give credit where credit is due. We can respect, support and celebrate others for the value they bring.
  • Comfortable being challenged. We believe in creating an environment where we feel comfortable and safe enough for ideas to be challenged in a constructive manner.
  • Curious. Curiosity drives improvement and innovation. Always ask why.


Aran Bates

Aran’s experience sits at the intersection of technical development, business, and strategy gained through 8 years of technology and innovation consulting, and start-up experience. Prior to Hydrologiq he spent two and a half years evaluating and studying the applicability of hydrogen on our energy systems, now through the work being done at Hydrologiq we are testing and proving that hydrogen is an answer.

Previously Aran has founded his own digital start-up (growing it into an operating business, bootstrapped, within a year); launched new ventures inside of existing multinational businesses (e.g. designed and lead all aspects of the physical product and manufacturing for Holland and Barret’s Healthbox offering, taking it from pure paper idea to live product in market MVP in 3 months); and advised many of the world’s largest corporates on innovation, including acting as the direct advisor and coach to the global Head of Innovation for Rolls Royce Aerospace.


Benjamin Lindley

Benjamin Lindley Hydrologiq

Ben is a serial entrepreneur with 10 years of entrepreneurial and scale-up experience under his belt. He entered the clean-tech industry in October 2018 to lead the retail operations for Supercharged Energy, a New Zealand based solar and energy start-up.

As retail manager, he helped scale Supercharged, designing and implementing processes to control customer acquisition, sales and fulfilment, bringing stability as the business transitioned to rapid growth. This involved creating online customer service solutions and CRM-integrated sales funnels, while managing industry stakeholders and an international team with offices in New Zealand and Fiji.


See Wah Cheng

hydrologiq see wah cheng

See Wah has an extensive background building market-leading software products with millions of users across a range of industries, with a particular interest in positively transforming society through technology and innovation. With his experience working with and building fast growing technology teams, he has helped leading startups tackle scaling challenges, such as at UK unicorn Onfido where he was Director of Product. Over the years, he has developed a deep passion for sustainability, starting with his voluntary role in devising and driving a viable net zero plan for Onfido, and cumulating in his joining Hydrologiq to help accelerate a hydrogen revolution.


Stuart Blackburn

Stuart has a background in engineering design and delivery at the cutting edge of innovation, building bespoke hardware solutions for customers and leading service teams to implement them. Coming from the field of high-end scientific instrumentation, he brings knowledge of high-pressure gas systems and safe working practices. In his previous role at Thermo Fisher Scientific he helped his customers to research novel photovoltaic and fuel cell materials, which fostered in him a passion for clean tech, and a keen understanding of the crucial role that technical innovation must play in the path to climate sustainability.

SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER | Northumbria, First Class

Adam Ayre-Storie

adam ayre-storie hydrologiq hydrogen generators

Experienced software engineer, ex Thoughtworks, Leighton, and ADLINK. Five years experience within multiple industries and a passion for working with innovative products. Adam is a highly motivated and committed individual, with a wide range of technical knowledge. He leads on IoT and Hydrologiq Platform development for Hydrologiq.


Tim Lawrence

Tim Lawrence Hydrologiq Advisor

Tim brings 25 years of experience working within the Industrial sector having previously been Head of the Manufacturing Sector for PA Consulting Group. Tim has advised a wide range of industrial companies on global supply chains, industrial IOT and digitisation, from SMEs to large groups such as Atlas Copco and Rolls-Royce. He developed new servitisation strategies and business models based on the latest digital technologies and connected equipment for field services organisations.


Mark Bailey

Mark Bailey Hydrologiq Advisor

Mark counsels on commercial and funding strategy from an outstanding career in the energy sector. He has held Senior Vice President roles at GDF, Global Director roles at Engie and Engie New Ventures before joining British scale-up Connected Energy as CCO and Board Director. He became Chief Commercial Officer of the publicly-listed fuel cell manufacturer, AFC Energy in 2021.


If you have a project in mind, potential collaboration, or want to join the team, then drop us a note on our Contact Page. We like to get stuck in with the "doing", not just the talking, evaluating and reporting.

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