Hydrogen Use Cases

When and where hydrogen solutions become technically and financially viable.

Hydrologiq has won a grant competition to develop and improve the hydrogen supply chain alongside project partners Motive Fuels and Reynolds Logistics, with funding from Digital Catapult.

Hydrogen green road
Battery technology is a great way of reducing on-site emissions for low-power, lightweight uses. But for a battery to be usable, it must be recharged. For off-grid applications where high energy output is required, a battery solution with enough capacity will prove too bulky and expensive, and would also need to be transported off site… Read More »How does hydrogen compare with battery solutions?

hydrogen kier hydrologiq collaboration generator
Hydrologiq has deployed an innovative, hydrogen-powered fuel cell in collaboration with Kier Highways at a National Highways site in Lancashire. The project is the first hydrogen 110kVA generator deployment undertaken by Kier Highways.

Hydrologiq Generator Deployment M30
Hydrogen-powered generator starts tour of UK in Aberdeen. This is believed to be the first deployment of a 25kW fuel cell generator anywhere in the UK.

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