Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cell technology, including proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell generators.

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Using a hydrogen fuel cell, a generator can produce clean, emission-free electricity from hydrogen gas. At its most simple, a fuel cell is two areas of gas, separated by a membrane that only lets one type of particle move from one side to the other. Inside the fuel cell itself, a catalyst at the anode… Read More »How do hydrogen fuel cell generators work?

hydrogen kier hydrologiq collaboration generator
Hydrologiq has deployed an innovative, hydrogen-powered fuel cell in collaboration with Kier Highways at a National Highways site in Lancashire. The project is the first hydrogen 110kVA generator deployment undertaken by Kier Highways.

Hydrologiq Generator Deployment M30
Hydrogen-powered generator starts tour of UK in Aberdeen. This is believed to be the first deployment of a 25kW fuel cell generator anywhere in the UK.

investigating hydrogen viability
In this third instalment of this four-part series looking at the commercial competitiveness of hydrogen we consider the applications where the commercial competitiveness of hydrogen will require a case-by-case evaluation.

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