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Digital Supply Chain Testbed
In collaboration with Digital Catapult and project partners, Motive Fuels and Reynolds Logistics, Hydrologiq has launched the Digital Supply Chain Testbed for Hydrogen NRMM. The emerging hydrogen supply chain has a number of challenges impacting both current adoption and future growth. From our own research and on-the-ground experience, we see that the lack of data and process standardisation, plus the constrained availability of hydrogen fuel and assets are two of the major obstacles the industry is currently facing.

Up to £100,000 is available from the Digital Catapult to build project finance and market modelling tools for the emerging hydrogen supply chain.

Hydrologiq has won a grant competition to develop and improve the hydrogen supply chain alongside project partners Motive Fuels and Reynolds Logistics, with funding from Digital Catapult.

hydrologiq funding close £650k
Off-grid hydrogen startup Hydrologiq secures £630,000 investment to replace diesel generators with clean hydrogen power.

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