Meet Stuart Blackburn, Hydrologiq’s New Technical Operations Manager
Hydrologiq grows its core team and capabilities with the first hire of 2023. Stuart Blackburn as Technical Operations Manager adds specialised gas systems expertise and increased deployment capacity to the growing start-up

As Hydrologiq starts to develop its proprietary hardware, focuses on optimising future hydrogen generator deployments, and writes up a shopping list of other technical items, there is a clear need to bring a technical operations manager onto the core team.

After a very competitive hiring process, Hydrologiq is proud to announce its new Technical Operations Manager: Stuart Blackburn. Stuart is joining the Hydrologiq team off the back of his time at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Stuart brings impressive experience with high-pressure gas systems to Hydrologiq, as well as well-rounded technical and operational expertise. Alongside the management team, Stuart will help Hydrologiq further its managed deployment services alongside various hardware and software items.

Why Join Hydrologiq?

“I have always had great drive to be at the cutting edge of innovation that makes the world a better place,” said Stuart. “At Thermo Fisher Scientific, I helped my customers research novel battery, photovoltaic and fuel cell technology, which gave me insight into the urgent need for decarbonisation, as well as the scale of the tasks involved.”

“We have a long way to go towards decarbonisation, especially in off-grid industries, where emissions from diesel generators account for millions of tons of CO2 every year in the UK alone. Hydrologiq's dynamic approach, combining hardware and software innovation to deliver bespoke, data-driven solutions, has the possibility to empower companies to easily transition from diesel generators to a carbon-free hydrogen alternative. I am greatly looking forward to being a part of this journey, deploying clean power to a range of industries, and enabling our customers to build a healthier future.”

Hydrologiq Director Aran Bates said, “We are super excited to have Stuart join the team. He brings a wealth of experience, hard to find in the industry, and immediately relevant to all here at Hydrologiq. We loved his go-do, get-stuck-in attitude, which is already proving extremely valuable. Not to mention that now we have an increased ability to deploy generators across multiple sites at once, and streamline operations.”

Technical Operations Manager: The Role

“As Technical Operations Manager,” said Stuart, “I aim to develop and execute our managed deployment offering, and drive continuous improvement in our hardware, process and service infrastructure. I plan to leverage my experience working with high-pressure gas systems to deliver safe hydrogen solutions, and my knowledge of scientific development and service to build the structure to help us scale and grow with the industry. I am excited to add my skills to Hydrologiq's industry-leading expertise and become a driving force for positive change.”


Marius Fermi

Marius is the Communications Manager for Hydrologiq where he is putting his 10 years of marketing experience to use helping grow awareness and business.

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