Meet Adam & Nicola, The Newest Members of Hydrologiq
Hydrologiq is incredibly happy to introduce two new core team members to help us with both software and business development.

Hydrologiq, a leading innovator in the hydrogen industry, is thrilled to announce the recent appointments of two highly accomplished professionals to our team. These strategic hires are part of our ongoing commitment to strengthen our software capabilities and accelerate business development efforts as we strive to support and grow the hydrogen supply chain.

Adam Ayre-Storie - Senior Software Engineer

Joining us as Senior Software Engineer is Adam Ayre-Storie. With a strong background in software engineering and a proven track record of developing cutting-edge solutions with Thoughtworks, Leighton and ADLINK, Adam brings invaluable expertise to our software development team. Having successfully delivered complex software projects in the past, Adam will play a pivotal role in enhancing our existing software infrastructure and driving the development of new innovative digital solutions for the hydrologiq platform.

Why Join Hydrologiq?

I want to make a positive impact on the world and helping drive the transition to net zero is a great way to do that. By joining Hydrologiq, I have the opportunity to do just that. I have realised that decarbonising high-impact areas, such as off-grid power is a difficult task and many businesses are struggling to do so. Hydrologiq’s vision and expertise accelerates the phasing out of diesel and the adoption of cleaner solutions, which is why I am extremely excited to be part of the team and help accelerate the adoption of hydrogen and transition to net zero.

Adam also added “I have a passion for being at the forefront of innovation and building data-driven solutions, which is reflected by my past experiences building distributed data services; IoT and AI solutions; and scalable web applications. At Hydrologiq I will be combining all of these to help build out Hydrologiq’s scalable platform and be at the forefront of supply chain innovation. This will enable industries to reduce their carbon footprint and accelerate their transition to net zero, by providing accessible, stable and low-risk access to hydrogen-generated electricity.

Nicola Jones - Head of Strategic Partnerships

We are equally delighted to welcome Nicola Jones as our new Head of Strategic Partnerships. Nicola comes with a wealth of experience in hydrogen business development, having spearheaded numerous successful initiatives in the energy sector with companies including BOC/Linde, ULEMCO, and Octopus Hydrogen. Her comprehensive understanding of the hydrogen industry and remarkable networking skills will be instrumental in forging strategic partnerships, attracting new clients, and expanding our market reach within various sectors. With Nicola's unique insights and proven ability to identify growth opportunities, we are confident in accelerating our business development efforts to establish Hydrologiq as a market leader in the hydrogen supply chain.

Why Join Hydrologiq?

“Joining Hydrologiq has provided me with an exceptional platform to contribute to the advancement of the hydrogen industry, work alongside passionate thought leaders, and be part of a customer-centric organisation that values sustainability and purpose. Having dedicated the past few years to working within the hydrogen industry, specifically with diesel fleet operators, I have witnessed firsthand the obstacles and barriers that arise when introducing hydrogen as a new energy source. From intricate supply chain dynamics to the need for customer competence and education, these challenges often hinder the widespread adoption of hydrogen. Joining Hydrologiq allows me to be a part of a purpose-driven organisation that actively addresses and removes these hurdles in its service offering, making hydrogen off-grid power an accessible and viable alternative fuel where batteries or other alternatives do not make sense. Hydrologiq’s founders, Aran & Ben, possess an unwavering passion for instigating transformative change within hard to decarbonise sectors. Their commitment to creating a sustainable business while driving meaningful impact is just one of many reasons, I jumped at the opportunity to work with them.”

Nicola also said “One aspect that truly distinguishes Hydrologiq is its firm commitment to putting the customer at the forefront. This customer-centric approach not only guides their decision-making processes but permeates throughout the company culture. Working for a business that values and prioritises the needs of its customers fosters an environment of trust, collaboration, and mutual growth. It is inspiring to be part of a team that shares this ethos, as it ensures our collective efforts are dedicated to creating genuine value and exceeding expectations.”

Nicola added, “To summarise, I find it a very rewarding experience to collaborate with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to removing barriers and enabling positive change within our industry, ultimately forging a sustainable future.”

At Hydrologiq, we firmly believe that talent is at the core of our success. These exceptional individuals epitomize our commitment to hiring top-notch professionals who possess the skills, experience, and passion required to drive our company forward. Their addition to our team underscores our dedication to fostering an environment of innovation and excellence.



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