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Hydrologiq Launches Hydrogen Digital Supply Chain Testbed
Hydrologiq has launched the Digital Supply Chain Testbed for Hydrogen NRMM, in collaboration with Digital Catapult and project partners, Motive Fuels and Reynolds Logistics.

In collaboration with Digital Catapult and project partners, Motive Fuels and Reynolds Logistics, Hydrologiq has launched the Digital Supply Chain Testbed for Hydrogen NRMM (Non-Road Mobile Machinery “aka the generators, excavators, and other heavy machinery used in off-grid locations”).

The emerging hydrogen supply chain has a number of challenges impacting both current adoption and future growth. From our own research and on-the-ground experience, we see that the lack of data and process standardisation, plus the constrained availability of hydrogen fuel and assets are two of the major obstacles the industry is currently facing.

Insights via supply chain data flow modelling

At Hydrologiq, we believe hydrogen provides a viable path towards decarbonisation of industries, e.g. construction, that rely heavily on NRMM. We also believe that digital integration of the hydrogen supply chain is needed for it to rapidly scale and decarbonise the use of NRMM in such industries, and the Testbed that we have developed is the first step towards that.

The Testbed provides a digital model of the supply chain, based on real-world relationships and data. First we captured the supply chain relationships and published an open-source ontology, which can help provide data standardisation across the industry. Second, we created a complete application development environment allowing 3rd parties to build supply chain simulations and other innovative applications via our API. By combining existing market data in the Testbed with additional scenario data, 3rd parties can simulate product and data flows as well as model scenarios to better understand impact. Covering the end-to-end supply chain, this provides insights into supply chain constraints and other dynamics.

To demonstrate the flexibility of the Testbed and its ability to be built upon, and also to provide a how-to guide to developers, we have published a reference application that showcases hydrogen fuel and delivery method supply-and-demand matching.

Building upon the testbed - A 3rd party finance and market modelling tool

We are very excited to announce that a Digital Catapult grant-funded project, which builds upon the Testbed to provide finance and market modelling for the hydrogen NRMM market, is already underway. This will help further inform data-driven capital investment into the industry to unlock more hydrogen and asset availability, driving down costs.

This is only the beginning. We see potential in the Testbed supporting many future supply chain modelling, data management and data exchange applications.

Get in touch

If you are interested in accessing the Testbed, or just want to find out more, please get in touch via platform@hydrologiq.com. We would love to work with you on innovative ideas to accelerate the adoption of clean hydrogen across the industry.



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