Hydrologiq Generator Deployment M30
Hydrologiq Deploys First 30kVA Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator
Hydrogen-powered generator starts tour of UK in Aberdeen. This is believed to be the first deployment of a 25kW fuel cell generator anywhere in the UK.

Hydrogen start-up Hydrologiq is working with Aberdeen Council and Aberdeen-based Norco Energy to deploy a hydrogen-powered fuel cell generator in Aberdeen. This is the first of several deployments throughout the UK for this new generator, in a bid to prove that the diesel generator's days are numbered.

Hydrologiq: Deploying Hydrogen Generators in the UK

Hydrologiq is displacing archaic 19th Century diesel technology with new hydrogen-powered generators to provide off-grid power for the construction, events, and film industries here in the UK. They work with trusted suppliers like PowiDian and Norco Energy to make deployment of this new technology as easy as possible for customers - breaking down the barriers to adoption, and speeding up the transition from diesel to low-carbon alternatives.

Benjamin Lindley, Director of Hydrologiq, said "2022 heralds a new age for generator power. The diesel engine has been around since the 1800s, so it's about time we embraced new technology to respond to a modern world where air quality and noise pollution are top of the agenda. And replacing diesel with hydrogen is an exciting prospect. Green hydrogen, made using wind or solar power, has the potential to decarbonise industries that the energy grid finds difficult to reach: industrial processes, heavy goods transport, and of course off-grid power. Everyone at Hydrologiq is proud of our collaboration with Aberdeen City Council and Norco Energy to make this dream a reality today."

The PowiDian M30 Generator

This generator doesn't have a traditional internal combustion engine powering it. Instead, a fuel cell converts hydrogen and oxygen gases into water, producing an electrical current. This has a number of big advantages over diesel for power users in construction, festivals, events, and on filmsets. First is the emissions - the fuel cell produces nothing but pure water, meaning that there are no NOx or CO2 emissions. Secondly, noise and vibration are vastly reduced, allowing for preferential deployments on sound-sensitive filmsets and festival environments. Simply put, less pollution of all types means the generator is kinder to humans and wildlife on deployment.

Deployment Partners

Aberdeen City Council and Norco Energy are key partners in the current generator trial. The Council's ACHES hydrogen refuelling station is providing the generator with 100% green hydrogen. Managers of the ACHES site, Norco Energy, are providing deployment support, maintenance and logistics.

Aberdeen City Council Co-Leader Councillor Alex Nicoll said: “Hosting the trial of this generator in Aberdeen further showcases the city at the forefront of innovation for the hydrogen industry across the country. The city has forged ahead to bring hydrogen vehicles into its transport mix and the introduction of new technologies shows the diverse range of uses hydrogen has as a fuel.”

Aberdeen City Council Co-Leader Ian Yuill added: “We are thrilled to work with the teams at Hydrologiq and Norco Energy to trial this new technology at ACHES. Both organisations match the passion we have in Aberdeen about the transition to green energy and we are excited to see the results of the trial.”

Frank Burns, Hydrogen Lead at Norco Group Ltd added: “Norco are extremely excited to be working with ACC and Hydrologiq to bring the first Hydrogen fuel cell generator to Aberdeen. Hydrogen has the potential to be the predominant stored energy source globally. At Norco we have recognised this. Transitioning our expertise in electrical stored energy solutions to incorporate hydrogen production, generation and storage was a natural progression for us."

Left to right: Roy Kemp (Norco), Frank Burns (Norco), Benjamin Lindley (Hydrologiq), Anis Ayoub (PowiDian), Aran Bates (Hydrologiq). Photography Credit: Benjamin Lindley

This deployment is supported by a grant from the UK government department BEIS. The trial started 2nd May 2022 and will end Monday 30th May 2022.

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Benjamin Lindley

Ben is a serial entrepreneur with a specialism in operations and marketing. He entered the clean tech industry in 2018 to lead retail operations in a solar and energy startup, building processes to control the company's rapid growth and managing an international team with offices in New Zealand and Fiji.

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