Hydrologiq deploys hydrogen on GRAHAM’s National Highways site
As part of the Hydrogen Innovation Initiative program, Hydrologiq deployed a 100kVA hydrogen generator for GRAHAM on their National Highways project site.

As part of the Hydrogen Innovation Initiative program, Hydrologiq deployed a 100kVA hydrogen generator for GRAHAM on their National Highways project site.

To demonstrate their commitment towards Net Zero, GRAHAM had chosen to replace their twin-set diesel generators on the M2 J5 site in Sittingbourne with clean, green hydrogen power for 4 weeks, to gather data and learnings to inform their overall decarbonisation plan. Moreover, this project was selected to be a Hydrogen Innovation Initiative Demonstration Project by Connected Places Catapult, as it showcases various aspects of the hydrogen value chain and the learnings will bring huge benefits to the construction industry in its efforts to accelerate decarbonisation.


Significant benefits

The EODev fuel cell generator provided power for the site compound, which consisted of 20 cabins and 2 EV chargers, for 4 weeks. To produce the same amount of energy, the diesel generators would have burnt 2662 litres of diesel, emitting 9 tonnes of total CO2. In comparison, the total CO2 emissions from the usage of green hydrogen during this period was only 1 tonne, resulting in 89% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, the fuel cell generator only produced water at the point of use, and does not emit any harmless substances, such as NOx or particulate matter (PM). It was also practically silent in operation. This drastically improved the quality of the work environment for GRAHAM's site team.


Close collaboration & providing the right tools

It was imperative that the generator deployment brought minimal disruption to GRAHAM's operations. Hydrologiq worked very closely with GRAHAM's project team right from the beginning.

First of all, we installed our Energy Monitoring System on the diesel generators to collect data to help us build a complete picture of the site's energy requirement profile. We fed this data into our Fuel Forecasting System to accurately calculate usage and order hydrogen for the month-long deployment. We also collaborated with GRAHAM's health and safety team to make sure our hydrogen safety assessment reports and other documentation could be integrated into GRAHAM's health and safety framework. We even hosted a hydrogen "lunch and learn" session with GRAHAM's site team, which was very well received.

Throughout the project, via the Hydrologiq Platform, we ensured the deployment information was readily available to all the stakeholders, from planning, commissioning, refuelling through to decommissioning. In addition, using our Remote Monitoring System, the project team was able to monitor generator performance, efficiency and CO2 emissions in real time.

Watch GRAHAM's video to hear more about their experience

To quote Lianne Taylor, Head of Environmental Sustainability at GRAHAM Group: "The need to move towards net zero and prepare for global climate imperatives is now widely recognised and currently there is significant political support for green hydrogen technology. We have been working in partnership with Hydrologiq and a wider consortium to advance this technology’s application on construction sites by testing and learning in real time."

Industry-wide impact

Recognising that decarbonisation requires cross-industry efforts, supported by Connected Places Catapult, Hydrologiq and GRAHAM will be disseminating the learnings across the construction industry and the wider hydrogen supply chain.

See Wah Cheng, Hydrologiq's Head of Product, added: "What we're seeing here today is the start of a very exciting journey. It's not going to be easy, but with collaboration like we have here on the GRAHAM site, we're setting an example of how to succeed for the wider industry."


You can learn more about the deployment by reading our case study.



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