Hydrologiq 2022: A Year in Review
We take a look back at all of the wonderful things that we have achieved in 2022. From our deployment metrics to new team hires, we have a lot to be happy about.

With 2022 coming to a close, we wanted to share a review of the year with our customers and visitors to show just how busy we have been this year. It has been an exciting year with new projects, deployments, and product updates all of which have really helped to push us toward our goals of making hydrogen deployment easier.

With what looks to be an exciting year ahead for the world of hydrogen we are really looking forward to helping more hydrogen generators to get out there and operate in the world in, releasing more product updates for the Hydrologiq platform, growing our team in our mission to end the use of diesel.

Here’s what we achieved in 2022:

Deployment Metrics

With four trial deployments this year we were able to really start showing the possibilities of using hydrogen for power generation in a variety of use cases. We are very proud of the notable difference that we are starting to make and we are anticipating the metrics below to be much higher this time next year.

- Helping construction, filming, and events industries really look at hydrogen as a credible solution.

- Carbon emission CO2e saved (compared with diesel): 9.6 tonnes (This is similar to driving a petrol car for 80,000 kilometres (twice around the world!).

- Diesel avoided: 3638 litres

- Hydrogen used: 220.5kg

- Total runtime: 750 hours

Managed Deployments

This year’s deployments were kicked off with a shakedown of a 30kVA fuel cell-powered generator from one of our manufacturing partners PowiDian. This took place in Aberdeen in collaboration with Aberdeen Council and Aberdeen-based Norco Energy. In an effort to demonstrate that the days of the diesel generator are numbered, this is the first of several deployments of this new generator throughout the UK.

Hydrologiq Generator Deployment M30


Next, we were down in Lancashire for a duo of deployments. 

First at the National Highways A585 Windy Harbour to Skippool construction site in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, we installed a GEH2 hydrogen fuel cell-powered generator from another of our other generator supply partners, EODev. The project was in collaboration with Kier Highways, and it marks Kier’s first deployment of a 110kVA hydrogen generator.

hydrogen kier hydrologiq collaboration generator


The second in Lancashire was with Costain and was one of Lancashire County Council's first hydrogen deployments. In accordance with LCC’s goals for carbon reduction, the deployment showed that using grey or green hydrogen to power onsite operations could result in carbon reductions of between 70% and close to 100% from site power. 

On a similar complex, switching from diesel to green hydrogen might save up to 11 tonnes of CO2e per month.


Another was Boomtown. For the week before the event and for all four of its days, the generator supplied electricity to the center of public transportation. Boomtown is focused on producing a sustainable event for its 65,000 spectators and workers, thus the generator's placement meant that for many, their first interaction with the festival site was with emissions-free power.



We closed £630,000 investment funding from venture capital and angels.

The company is using this financing to expand the Hydrologiq Platform and its offerings around generator deployment. The Hydrologiq Platform is the underlying layer providing the interfaces, tools, and data to make it easy for customers to transition, adopt and deploy hydrogen-powered generators.


Further to this, we received a grant from the UK government to develop aspects of the Hydrologiq Platform and show the potential of hydrogen-powered generators.

The Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has given us and our collaborators Blue Lightning Solutions the funding as a part of the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund 8a.


Product Updates

The year saw a number of platform and product upgrades. One example was the offering of Real-Time Analytics. Through this, we can now offer our clients a dashboard that displays crucial information about generator deployment in a straightforward manner. 


With this version, the emphasis is on having your data available at all times and from any location, ensuring that you are completely informed of generator performance.


Team Growth

After serving as Director of Product at the UK unicorn Onfido, See Wah joins Hydrologiq. He oversees the development of our Platform in his capacity as Head of Product for the company.


Marius Fermi joined as Communications Manager to work on developing our marketing channels as well as focus on business development. He will be working on growing awareness of Hydrologiq as well as helping to drive more business.

And we are excited to welcome Stuart Blackburn to the team in Q1 2023 to take on the role of our Technical Operations Manager, ensuring that not only do jobs go smoothly but that we continue to lead the way with defining risk reduction and operating standards for this new industry. 

A view on the financial side

Co-Founder, Aran, joined the panel of the Wealth Club to discuss seed-stage investing in the UK, and the impact the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) has on entrepreneurship and the wider UK economy.


Marius Fermi

Marius is the Communications Manager for Hydrologiq where he is putting his 10 years of marketing experience to use helping grow awareness and business.

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