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Remote first

As a team we are spread across the UK and even into Poland, this means we can work with the best people out there. We also recognise the importance of building a sense of team, meeting regularly (at least once a quarter) and put a lot of emphasis into team building in the ‘virtual’ work environment also – e.g. regular team video calls, non-work Slack channels such as one specifically for sharing the music we are listening to.

Flexible working

To manage the interface of life and work we operate a flexible working policy, at the start of the week we ensure we clearly communicate as a team what commitments people have - e.g. doctor, school drop-off/pick-up, activities - so as a team we can ensure that life and work fit together.

Learning and development

We will provide support for employees to broaden their professional capabilities - e.g. purchasing books and going on training courses.

Supporting women in tech

We are a MotherBoard Charter signatory

We are extremely committed to diverse hiring and also recognise that the biggest imbalance in diversity within engineering and software focussed industries is the gender imbalance. As a result this is a focus of our diversity hiring, not to the exclusion of any other diverse candidates.

Both Ben and Aran fully recognise the importance of building a supportive environment for women who want to have kids and continue a career. This has been heavily influenced through their partners experience with returning to work and continuing their careers.

As a result, we are making the following pledges to address the issue of gender imbalance:

  • Introduce internal parental support buddy system
  • Formalise processes to account for child-caring and primary carer duties
  • Introduce a robust return to work policy
  • Improve maternity & paternity leave policy
  • Improve gender balance talent pipeline
  • Increase the percentage of women in our team
  • Implement annual Pay Gap Reporting
  • Offer support to attend female reproductive health training
  • Introduce female health package support
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