Funding Available for Hydrogen Supply Chain Modelling
Up to £100,000 is available from the Digital Catapult to build project finance and market modelling tools for the emerging hydrogen supply chain.

Up to £100,000 is available from the Digital Catapult to build project finance and market modelling tools for the emerging hydrogen supply chain.

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Hydrogen Project Finance & Market Modelling Tools

Together, Digital Catapult and Hydrologiq have identified a challenge area in the hydrogen supply chain and now Digital Catapult has launched an open call for projects.

Hydrologiq is building the underlying datasets and infrastructure (known as the "testbed") that the tool would be built on. This is under a linked project with funding already secured.

Project Overview

Aim: to develop a financing/market modelling tool that enables effective capital deployment decisions and highlights commercial opportunities in the hydrogen supply chain.

In the emerging Hydrogen supply chain, the future demand picture is unclear to investors and producers, making investment decisions in new manufacturing capacity difficult. Market information to inform the viability and location of proposed production facilities is not readily available. Meanwhile, the availability of low-cost hydrogen remains a concern for potential users.

The aim of this challenge is to develop a project-financing tool for potential new hydrogen production facilities, incorporating dynamic market modelling and full supply chain analysis to inform commercial viability. Other key elements are to:

  • Establish the capability to capture local & regional market supply and demand, generate projections of viability, return on investment, and highlight key supply chain dependencies.
  • Support the analysis of multiple demand and supply scenarios, proposal optimisation benchmarking of the proposal. The outputs from the solution should directly support the preparation of a business case to inform decision making on project financing.
  • Work alongside the Hydrogen Testbed Consortium and Challenge Sponsor to utilise available industry data and supplement it with use case specific data to provide visibility to manufacturing companies and potential investors. Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP, TRL 6-8) solution and demonstrate its value in the Hydrogen Testbed environment.

The solution should establish an effective model and user facing tools for industry players to analyse the market and create robust business cases for new hydrogen production. Expected benefits are that producers/suppliers will benefit from faster and better investment decisions, accelerating projects to provide new products & services to the emerging hydrogen market. Longer term this helps to underpin future growth in the sector, increasing availability and ultimately reducing prices for users. Investors will benefit from improved and transparent analysis resulting in more robust business cases.

The MVP should be scalable for adoption in the hydrogen supply chain and have the potential to transfer to other emerging sectors with similar challenges.

Digital Catapult

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Benjamin Lindley

Ben is a serial entrepreneur with a specialism in operations and marketing. He entered the clean tech industry in 2018 to lead retail operations in a solar and energy startup, building processes to control the company's rapid growth and managing an international team with offices in New Zealand and Fiji.

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