Decarbonise power and reduce pollution for your customers

hydrologiq hydrogen generators

Bring clean energy to your audience

If you are looking for a clean, emission-free and practically noiseless solution to power your festival or event, look no further than hydrogen generators. Adopting this clean energy source will create a better environment for your customers, allowing them to focus on the act, not the pollution. Access this technology with your power partner Hydrologiq.


Hydrogen fuel-cell generators only emit water during use. No CO2, NOx, or other pollutants. This helps create a healthier environment for staff and customers.

Whisper quiet

Cut the noise, focus on the music. Hydrogen fuel-cell generators are practically noiseless, providing a much more pleasant aural experience on location.

Uninterrupted power

Unlike battery-powered solutions, hydrogen generators can supply continuous power at any level of demand. No recharging of massive, expensive battery packs required.

Why Hydrologiq?

Instant access to a trusted supplier market

Our market knowledge and unique relationship with a range of trusted suppliers mean you will get the equipment that you need, without any worries of quality and availability issues.

Industry-leading end-to-end deployment expertise

We have proven hands-on experience deploying hydrogen generators. Whether looking for just advice or a fully managed solution, we reduce risk, providing a seamless process for all stakeholders.

Technology to increase operational efficiency

Our platform minimises business disruption. It allows you to plan fuel usage and site design, manage risks and deployment logistics. as well as provides on-going monitoring and servicing.


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hydrologiq hydrogen generators

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