The end of diesel: trial and adopt hydrogen today

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Start realising a diesel free site today with hydrogen

The construction industry relies heavily on diesel generators to provide site power. But high-power hydrogen generators can drastically reduce CO2 footprint and eliminate fumes and noise pollution on site. This logically makes hydrogen a critical part of the decarbonisation roadmap of any construction company.

We manage complex site logistics

We understand the complexity and the challenges of on-site deployment logistics. We can draw on our wealth of real-world deployment experience to make sure everything goes smoothly for you.

Quality and availability assurance

New technologies and practices come with their own set of challenges. Our expert knowledge in both the market and technology means your operation will be significantly de-risked.

Your long-term Net Zero partner

Transition is only the first step. Through on-going usage and data monitoring, we can give you actionable insights to help environmental managers execute a viable plan to achieve Net Zero.

Why Hydrologiq?

Instant access to a trusted supplier market

Our market knowledge and unique relationship with a range of trusted suppliers mean you will get the equipment that you need, without any worries of quality and availability issues.

Industry-leading end-to-end deployment expertise

We have proven hands-on experience deploying hydrogen generators. Whether looking for just advice or a fully managed solution, we reduce risk, providing a seamless process for all stakeholders.

Technology to increase operational efficiency

Our platform minimises business disruption. It allows you to plan fuel usage and site design, manage risks and deployment logistics. as well as provides on-going monitoring and servicing.


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