Case Study: A585 Site Trial Deployment

Customer: Kier Highways

Kier Highways hosted the deployment of an innovative new hydrogen-powered 100kVA generator at the A585 Windy Harbour to Skippool site, Hydrologiq were the project managers.

This government-supported deployment aims to uncover the practical challenges of replacing diesel with hydrogen, and paves the way for better emissions and working conditions on Kier’s active sites. This is believed to be the first hydrogen fuel cell deployment undertaken by Kier.​

The Challenge

Hydrogen. Some believe it a wonder fuel touted with decarbonising energy-intensive areas of the world’s industrial or transport economy. Others focussed on the off-grid space view it as an energy carrier, capable of storing and transporting energy generated by renewables and delivering that energy to off-grid locations via existing road infrastructure.

Viewed like this, hydrogen becomes a good Net Zero replacement fuel for diesel, especially diesel used in generators. The benefit for construction and infrastructure projects is difficult to ignore, especially if the hydrogen generator used on-site is a fuel cell.

Fuel cells produce only water as a waste product, meaning that there are zero CO2e or NOx emissions at point of use, whatever colour of hydrogen used as a fuel.

But how do end users like Kier access this solution?

What carbon impact could adopting hydrogen have in the real world?

And what operational impact would it have to current and future projects?

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Job Details

Characteristics: Continuous, variable load.

Typical Generator Size: 100kVA

Job Length: 7 Days

What Will Be Powered: 2 diesel pumps, load bank.

Job Scenario

Site Preparation: 6 Hours

Commissioning: 14 Hours

Decommissioning: 8 Hours

Job Requirements

Base kW: 9.1

Peak kW: 27

Hydrogen (kg): 37.5

Diesel Comparison

Diesel Used (liters): 418

Avg Diesel Generator Efficiency: 18%

CO2 Diesel Emissions (kg): 1,632

The Impact

0 kg

CO2e Saved


Litres of Diesel Avoided

What next?

hydrologiq deploying hydrogen generator
Explore Potential

Hydrogen has the potential to decarbonise large portions of heavy-duty off-grid power in construction by replacing diesel.

Paving the way for large-scale replacement of a fossil fuel.

Scale Green Hydrogen

Groups like Kier have the scale of demand to secure lower cost supplies of green hydrogen generated by emerging UK hydrogen producers.

Working Together

Tier ones could work with hydrogen industry stakeholders like Hydrologiq to build a practical roadmap to replacing diesel with alternative power sources like solar, wind, batteries and hydrogen.​

More Trials

Longer trials where hydrogen is directly replacing diesel can showcase the positive carbon impact of using hydrogen.​

"2022 heralds a new age for generator power. The diesel engine has been around since the 1800s, so it's about time we embraced new technology to respond to a modern world where air quality and noise pollution are top of the agenda. Everyone at Hydrologiq is proud of our collaboration with Kier Highways to take tangible steps towards this new reality today."

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