Case Study: EV Fast Charging Station

Job Details

Characteristics: Fast charging with intermittent use throughout the day.

Typical Generator Size: 100kVA

Job Length: 180 Days

What Will Be Powered: 4x 22kW Chargers, 4x 7kW Chargers

Running Hours: 28

Job Scenario

The testing of fast charging station in a location before a permanent solution is developed i.e. grid connection is provided.

Site Preparation: 8 Hours | Commissioning: 2 Hours | Decommissioning: 5 Hours

Job Requirements (Weekly)

Total kWh: 6,496

Base kW: 116

Peak kW: 81

Hydrogen (kg): 390

Space Required: 18.5m x 16.5m

Diesel Comparison (Weekly)

Diesel Used (liters): 3,200

Diesel Efficiency: 20%

Diesel Emissions (kg): 74,000

Environmental Benefits

0 kg

CO2e Saved

What is required for a deployment

Hydrogen generator deployments, currently, require additional steps and processes when compared to diesel.

At Hydrologiq we ensure that all deployments run smoothly by providing our advisory and managed deployment services. Our experience, expertise and network provide you with the easiest way to get hydrogen deployed today.

Here are just a few of the steps we take:

Skills & People
  • Technical Site Operations
  • Refuelling
  • Monitoring
  • Insurance
Health & Safety
  • Compound Emergency Plan
  • Generator/Hydrogen Lift Plan
  • RAMS
  • Compound Design
  • Procure hydrogen generator with delivery to the location.
  • Schedule fuel delivery to ensure no down time.
Site Activities
  • Commission/Decommission
  • On-Site Fuel Handling
  • Site Evaluation Visits
  • Remote Monitoring
Toyota LCV

Learn more about our deployments

Hydrologiq recharges BEVs with hydrogen for Toyota

Hydrologiq deployed a hydrogen-powered BEV (battery electric vehicle) charging station for Toyota GB at the Cenex LCV event to showcase their range of zero-emission vehicles.

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