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hydrologiq beis

2022 Deployment Opportunities

Hydrologiq has secured a grant to deploy hydrogen fuel cell generators in 2022. These trial deployments will replace diesel generators in real world off-grid locations. We are looking for deployment partners to provide suitable deployment locations.

The grant is awarded by the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) as part of the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund 8a.


Demonstration Deployments Partners

Experience hydrogen generators first-hand through part-funded real world trials of hydrogen generators in 2022. Gaining insight, exposure and marketing opportunities.

Hydrologiq has secured funding to support the running of a few short demonstration trials of hydrogen generators on real world use cases. The objectives being to: help users evaluate and understand how hydrogen generators will fit into their operations; and generate real world data for the refinement of reporting and modelling software for hydrogen generator use.

Key Facts

7 Customer Slots: 2 in April 2022 and 5 in July/August 2022

Est. 100kg Hydrogen (c.1800kWh) per customer

Option to extend trial duration, either in hours worked or days run. However, extra costs of generator rental and hydrogen fuel supply would need to be covered.

More Collaboration

More Collaboration

Shaping the Hydrologiq Platform

Help shape the planning and evaluation tools being developed in our online platform. Gain early access and use the Platform to help evaluate your own situation.

As part of the platform we are developing a suite of planning tools (e.g. Total cost of ownership, environmental impact evaluations, power system planning) and would like end-user input to the design and development of these tools.

By taking part…

You get answers to questions you face today in transitioning to a hydrogen-powered off-grid future

Learn more about what hydrogen could do for your business and operations

You become a key shaper of the Platform

Early access before general release

Hydrogen & Hydrologiq

The UK burns 1bn+ litres of diesel every year through generators. As leaders and hosts of the COP26 summit this year, it is totally unacceptable that through 125,000 generators we produce 3.6m tonnes of CO2e p.a.

There is an alternative. Hydrogen generators deliver zero carbon, silent, emission free power. But they aren’t being used because buying and deploying them is currently too difficult due to a complex and fragmented supply chain.

That’s where Hydrologiq comes in. We turn a complex hydrogen supply chain into easily-deployable solutions, unlocking and accelerating the transition to Net Zero for off-grid assets. Through a single platform Hydrologiq is bringing together the hardware, fuel, and software needed to deploy and manage hydrogen generators, enabling clean alternatives to be deployed today.

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