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Hydrologiq Awarded Grant Funding
The UK government has awarded Hydrologiq with a grant to build out the Hydrologiq Platform - codenamed H2Serve.

The UK government has awarded Hydrologiq with a grant to build out the Hydrologiq Platform - codenamed H2Serve.

The grant has been awarded to project leaders Hydrologiq and collaborators Blue Lightning Solutions by the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) as part of the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund 8a.

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Calling All Users of Diesel Generators...

Experience hydrogen generators first-hand through part-funded real world trials of hydrogen generators in 2022. Gaining insight, exposure and marketing opportunities.

This grant supports the running of a few short demonstration trials of hydrogen generators on real world use cases. The objectives being to: help users evaluate and understand how hydrogen generators will fit into their operations; and generate real world data for the refinement of reporting and modelling software for hydrogen generator use.

Read more and register your interest here.

More About the Project

H2Serve is an innovative new SaaS platform that will connect evolving supply and demand for hydrogen generators in the UK off-grid power industry. It will partner with generator owners to unlock low hydrogen fuel prices for end users. This project will advance H2Serve from TRL3 to TRL5, developing proprietary models into customer-facing web tools, building a generator monitoring framework, and gathering validation data from real-world trials.

We will enable: A faster and early (3-15 years) transition from diesel to hydrogen fuel cell powered generators throughout the UK – and with potential to scale beyond the UK. As a result, vastly reducing CO2e emissions from diesel generator use in our target industries. If all our target industries were to switch from diesel to hydrogen, it could unlock 3.6 million tonnes CO2e saving through green hydrogen each year in the UK alone.

We do this by: Overcoming three prime barriers to uptake. We will do this with a single SaaS platform that enables prospective hydrogen generator users access to all parts of the hydrogen value chain.

Activities in this project to develop: This project will develop the prototype to the platform H2Serve. Developing our feasibility study evaluations and modelling into the prototype of an end-user friendly suite of tools to plan deployments, increase understanding of hydrogen solutions, and unlock low hydrogen fuel prices.

Introducing the Project Team

The grant-funded project is a collaboration between project leaders Hydrologiq and electronics consultancy Blue Lightning Solutions.

Hydrogen Generators Net Zero

Hydrologiq brings expertise in technology commercialisation, the economic and technical dynamics of hydrogen systems (including proprietary analytical and systems models), and leading multi-disciplinary and multi-organisational innovation teams.

Read more about Hydrologiq here.

Blue Lightning Solutions brings a track record of developing novel control systems, CMS, and Digital Twins. In-house expertise includes ATEX and high-voltage, embedded systems and cloud services.

Read more about Blue Lightning Solutions here.



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