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Third party developers can access the following via the API platform:

Hydrogen Supply Chain Testbed

The Hydrogen Supply Chain Testbed is a digital model of the hydrogen Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) supply chain developed by Hydrologiq in collaboration with industry consortium, along with the Digital Catapult.

Incorporating real-world data, the Testbed provides a development environment allowing third parties to run supply-chain simulations and test innovation ideas across the end-to-end hydrogen supply chain.

The Testbed API provides access to a RDF Graph Database and an AWS Cognito user pool. The RDF Graph Database has been developed upon an Ontology which defines the data structure and relationships. We have made this Ontology open source, which can be found on GitHub (hydrologiq/h2sct-ontology).

Please refer to the OpenAPI documentation for the Testbed API usage. An example use-case of the testbed is trying to match supply and demand within the hydrogen NRMM supply chain, based on this example we have produced an open-source reference application which can be found on GitHub (hydrologiq/h2scm-supply-demand). Also please see the Testbed Terms of Use.

For more information on the testbed architecture, please email To request access, please look at the following section.

API access

Access to our APIs is enabled by AWS Cognito via JSON Web Token (JWT). Access tokens can be generated by using either a Authorisation Code Flow or a Client Credentials Flow:

  • The reference application (hydrologiq/h2scm-supply-demand) uses AWS Amplify UI component for user login which uses an Authorisation Code Flow.
  • We have written a bash script which can be used as a reference for using a Client Credentials Flow. You can download this example here.

Data access is segmented through the use of named graphs or instances (as we are calling them). Every user and API client has specific instances assigned to them and by default every user/API client has access to a 'default' instance (which aims to be 'live' view of the supply chain).

To request access to the testbed either as a user or for API access, please fill out this Google Form. By requesting access, you are accepting our Testbed Terms of Use.

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