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We believe that hydrogen isn’t only the green choice for off-grid power, but also a logical one. However, we also understand that transitioning from diesel can feel like a step into the unknown.

We are here to support you along your journey as you explore the concept, develop your strategy and business case, and define operational processes. We provide expertise at each step to help you navigate a new path to a logical hydrogen solution.

Using our proprietary tools we help define the solution, collaborating with a number of hydrogen generator and fuel suppliers to match the technology to your business needs. Depending on which hydrogen solution is right for you, we can provide equipment for hire or purchase along with operations or transition support.


Hydrologiq is accelerating the transition to off-grid electricity powered by Hydrogen. We are creating economically viable solutions to reduce our society’s carbon footprint, building towards the common goal of Net Zero 2050. We believe it’s not enough that a carbon-neutral solution exists. It must also be a commercially viable solution, allowing companies to adopt it without being forced to by government legislation.

This starts with the off-grid energy sector, and its reliance on diesel generators. In the UK we burn 4.56 billion litres of diesel in non-road applications each year*. That much combustion produces some 14.2 million tonnes CO2e, but the downsides don’t stop there. Diesel generators produce vibrations that need to be monitored in urban areas; diesel generators are so noisy they cannot always be used 24/7; diesel generators produce harmful emissions at the point of use, delivering particulates into the lungs of construction workers and festival-goers alike. As ultra-low emission zones, and air quality regulation rightly force a move towards cleaner solutions, stage 5 diesel generators have emerged. While quieter and less polluting in operation, they are very expensive, use more diesel, and have higher maintenance costs – We see an alternative: the hydrogen fuel cell.

*May 2019, Hope Solutions & ZAP: “UK Events and Diesel Use”


Our Platform

We are developing a suite of tools to help us and our customers better understand and assess the viability of hydrogen generator deployments over a wide range of business sizes and types. Built on our proprietary Hydrologiq Engine, they help answer key questions surrounding deployment and investment viability, from regulation assessment to service pricing and asset depreciation.

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Read more about our platform and how it is helping our customers make more informed choices regarding hydrogen here:


The Team

Hyrdologiq’s founders combine backgrounds in engineering, technology innovation consulting and energy startups with a passion for clean tech and seeing ideas made real. Read more about us here.


H2generators.co.uk Fuel Cell Gensets

H2 Generators, a trading name of Hydrologiq Ltd, connects fuel cell genset manufacturers with potential renters, leasers, and buyers. From our own research we know how hard it is to find standardised hydrogen fuel cell gensets for rent, lease, or sale, so we decided to try and help.

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