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Fossil fuels are on the way out

Industries are rapidly reducing the use of fossil fuels to meet decarbonisation goals. Cost of fossil fuels is skyrocketing.

Hydrogen is the answer

Emission-free, hydrogen is the most logical fuel choice for green, continual-running, off-grid power provision.

Removing the complexity

Accessing hydrogen is complex. Hydrologiq provides a fully managed solution for all your hydrogen generator needs.

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Net Zero: can you reduce your CO2 footprint?

In the UK, diesel generators are responsible for 3.6 million tonnes CO2e annually. By switching to hydrogen generators, you can reduce your emission by 54% to 97% depending on the source of hydrogen.

Increasing diesel cost: what does that mean?

The cost of diesel more than doubled in the past year with the removal of tax rebates, and the on-going uncertainties around oil supply. Hydrogen, on the other hand, is coming down in cost as technology improves and demand increases.

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Fuel cell or internal combustion: which is the right generator?

Choosing between hydrogen fuel cell generators and hydrogen internal combustion engine generators requires assessing a number of trade offs. Does CAPEX matter more than Total Cost of Ownership? How important is silence? How often will it be used and does lower efficiency negate upfront savings? Ultimately, which gives you a better business case?

What we do?

We are experts in hydrogen generator systems.

We provide turnkey managed hydrogen generator deployments, supporting you at all stages of your journey from planning through installation and commissioning, to on-going remote monitoring and refuelling.

Our proprietary software and hardware systems, coupled with our site support, make it faster, safer, and easier to plan, equip and manage hydrogen powered generator sites.

Our Services

Hydrogen Generator Deployment

Fully managed solution for your hydrogen generators


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Hydrogen generator deployment simplified with Hydrologiq's managed service

Energy Monitoring

Auditable, independent, always accessible online


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Hydrologiq energy monitoring for today, ready for a hydrogen-powered future

Hydrologiq delivers

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Why Hydrologiq?

Instant access to a trusted supplier market

Our market knowledge and unique relationship with a range of trusted suppliers mean you will get the equipment that you need, without any worries of quality and availability issues.

Industry-leading end-to-end deployment expertise

We have proven hands-on experience deploying hydrogen generators. Whether looking for just advice or a fully managed solution, we reduce risk, providing a seamless process for all stakeholders.

Technology to increase operational efficiency

Our platform minimises business disruption. It allows you to plan fuel usage and site design, manage risks and deployment logistics. as well as provides on-going monitoring and servicing.


About us

Economic and Sustainable

We create sustainable value by looking across different systems to spot innovative new opportunities

Systems Thinkers

We are systems thinkers, combining net zero with the wider business and human systems we live within

Driven by Net Zero

Every member of our dedicated team is passionately driven to decrease our human impact on the world around us


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